Marine Drive – taking a break

Have you been to Marine drive in Mumbai? The queens Necklace sight is breath taking.
Make a note, if in Mumbai – chilling in Marine Drive is a must

Curly Girl Method – What is my objective?

This post talks about that there is no one stop solution for hair care (actually anything in life). I have share few questions for you if you are starting hair care right now or have started it some few months ago. I have also shared, how I consider Curly Girl Method & the products i use (may or may not be recommendation for you)

Sari Banarasi – a mystic charm

This post is about Silk Banarasi saree, my favourite story on this timeless classic, ode to the Karigars, a crisp speak on behind the scene & also the current situation of the artisans/weavers. I hope to raise a curiosity in you to look at Banarsi silk as a saree of the season

3 important steps |Curly Girl Method

If you are overwhelmed on what to do for curly girl hair care, then this is the post you must read. This post talks about 3 important steps of Curly Girl Method & What products you need to start.

The stories that you tell

The stories you tell makes your life
The story always attracts the spotlight
Change the way you tell your stories. Its Magic!

Bye Bye 2017: You have been fab!

A thank you note for you! Thank you for being there, listening to me, exploring with me and being my constant support. This post is a wrap up of what I wrote in 2017. Gratitude 🙂